Resipi Power #DapurERA

15th November 2019

For every family, the best dish must be the ones cooked by the moms and the wives. They are the real experts in every crucial kitchen ingredient used to serve variety of dishes, day in day out. That is why ERA has taken an initiative to show appreciation by bringing forward these home cooks to the home screens!

RP Schedule

Starting this 18th of November, a cooking series entitled Resipi Power #DapurERA will be on your menu every Monday and Tuesday, 9.50 p.m. on TV3. It can also be viewed on ERA’s YouTube and Facebook pages at 10.30 p.m. on the same day, wherever you are.

RP Mum 1

The basic recipe of this programme alone is ‘powerful’ enough – 16 moms from all over Malaysia, with years of experience as a ‘chef’ at home, given the opportunity to showcase their cooking skills and abilities on national television, accompanied by Malaysian moms’ heartthrob, Izzue Islam, as the host!

RP Mum 2

Each episode will be 10 minutes long, featuring two moms re-creating the assigned dish. Every dish will be cooked with ERA products, which are certainly suitable for any recipe!

RP Juri

Izzue’s cheeky personality and the wonderful stories shared by the mums will keep you entertained. Not to forget, there will also be mystery judges to assess every dish, bringing suspense into each episode. Psst... some of them are famous celebrities! Stay tuned every Monday and Tuesday if you want to know who they are. Plus, there are loads of interesting products and prizes up for grabs when you watch the show on our Facebook page!

RP Products