Young Celebrity Chef Danish Harraz In Action on #DapurERA

6th September 2019

We have continued working with renowned local celebrities as part of initiatives to ensure that our brand is getting more and more accepted nationwide. The most recent was our joint-venture with a very talented kid – Young Chef Danish Harraz.

Looking at his ability to cook while presenting like a professional celebrity chef, not many would be able to guess that he is just 12, and had started going to the kitchen as early as the age of 7. Other than being a skillful cook with his own baking business, he is also known for series of charity work that he organised on his own.

In this #DapurERA campaign, we have co-operated with Danish in two phases.

Young Celebrity Chef Danish Harraz In Action on #DapurERA

The first phase, the Cook And Win Contest With #DapurERA, opened up opportunities for the public to win ERA products and TEFAL kitchen appliances. Danish kicked off this phase by sharing a new exclusively-made recipe named the Rice Chicken Patties, before passing the baton to the public to create their own rice-based recipes in order to join the contest.

Young Celebrity Chef Danish Harraz In Action on #DapurERA

The contest has managed to garner more than 100 entries before finally finding 6 rightful winners, selected based on their creativity in creating the recipe, naming it and also sharing the image of the dish on their page.

Young Celebrity Chef Danish Harraz In Action on #DapurERA

In phase two, Danish had featured his godmother, Puan Adilah, cooking against him in a ‘back to back’ style. Based on just verbal recipe from him, Puan Adilah was required to replicate the same dish, the Cheesy Beef Rice Balls, simultaneously.

Young Celebrity Chef Danish Harraz In Action on #DapurERA

His remarkable cooking skills and cute kitchen presence has gained encouraging positive reviews from many, proving further that this venture has succeeded in fulfilling our main objectives of the #DapurERA campaign, which are:

  • to connect to mums and family oriented people, and
  • to showcase that ERA products are easy to use and suitable for everyone

We are very proud to meet him personally and see how talented and skilful one Danish Harraz is, and are very honoured to be lent his aura for this campaign.

Thank you, Danish.

All the best for your future!